RDOPrint Product Box

Features and Benefits Software Specifications

  • Maximize printer productivity by transforming proprietary RDO documents created by Xerox FreeFlowTM Makeready and DigiPath® to PostScript as well as PDF.
  • RDOPrint optimizes output for common production printers.
  • Leverage the power of the network and send PostScript and PDF documents to any printer, including remote printers.
  • Maximize document value by sharing universally viewable PDF files.
  • RDOPrint is a cost-effective solution that pays dividends each time you need to print the converted documents on any PostScript printer.
  • An XML job ticket is created for each file, providing the operator with detailed job information.
  • Converted files are optimized for production printers, allowing the documents to be printed with little or no Makeready.
  • The automated workflow for processing files is supported by a complete audit trail.
  • Leverage existing devices and tools with output optimized for MicroPress®, PowerPRESSTM, and SmartBoardTM.

RDOPrint Workflow Diagram

RDOPrint Workflow