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RDOPrint Limited Time Offer:
Convert FreeFlow Makeready and DigiPath Files for Free!

Convert Xerox RDO Files to PostScript and PDF

Standard PostScript production printers can't accept proprietary Xerox RDO (Raster Document Objects) files for printing. Print operations that've used DigiPath® or FreeFlowTM Makeready software probably have a library of thousands of files that can't print on other production printers.

With RSA's RDOPrint software convert RDOs in seconds to:

  • Industry-standard PostScript with job ticketing for printing on any production printer
  • PDF for viewing and archiving.

For a limited time, try the software for free on our self-service RDOPrint.com site.

Limited Time Offer - Last Days!!!

From September 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012, convert up to 25 RDO files FREE! And, for every job after the first 25, the cost-per-page is just 5 cents! Have a longer term need or a large number of files to convert? RDOPrint is also available as a 90 day rental or an annual on-site license.

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